Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Running When the Phone Rings

Edgar Degas was a French painter and sculptor who would be unknown to me unless I had appreciated an anecdote attributed to him that illustrates how unimportant things can gain control of our lives. Degas has a friend named Jean-Louis Forain who was a bit more progressive than Degas. Forain had recently installed a telephone, a new invention at the time, and he wanted to show it off. He invited Degas over for a meal, and then arranged for someone to call him during the meal. The phone rang, Forain rushed to answer it, then returned, beaming with pride. Degas was less amazed with the phone and more amazed with Forain's response to its ring. He observed critically, "That's the telephone? It rings and you run." Neither you nor I are likely to answer this question honestly at first, but meditate on this: "What trivial things have such impact on your life that you run to them, even ignoring your spiritual health, whenever they call?" Look at the frivolous things that waste your time. Let's all work on answering Christ's call to holiness faster than we answer the phone. Live for Jesus and rush to those things that will enrich His relationship with you and your family.

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