Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thinking Sacramentally

Life at Work
Sex, money, and power. When you read those words just then, were your thoughts negative or positive? I mean did you think of ungodly things or godly thing? I’ve said those words and asked that question about them a time or two recently. Nearly everyone has said that the words spark a negative, ungodly thought in them – including me, by the way.

In his book Rumors of Another World Philip Yancey encourages us to think sacramentally. Sacra mean “sacred.” Mentally indicates “in mind.” To think sacramentally, then, is to keep the sacred in mind when considering something. The truth about sex, money, and power is that they were created by God and God said that his creation was good – very good after mankind was created in fact. Those three things were intended by God to be used by people for our good, not for our destruction. If they have bad connotations, it’s not because they are actually bad things; but that we have abused them.

Paul told us that people quit glorifying and thanking God, and that their thinking was futile and their hearts were darkened (Romans 1:21). We have continued in that pointless thinking and dark hearts. It’s time to be renewed in our minds.

Open your eyes again to the way that God sees things. When we see them his way, we will use them in a good way. That’s Life at Work!

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