Monday, August 29, 2005

The Jesus Perspective: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

There are a couple of things that many people depend on to bring wealth to the soul:

One is the personal bank account. The rich man who wouldn’t care for Lazarus had this. The drive to be rich is so strong in many people. Getting there is the goal of poor. Staying there is the goal of the wealthy. Lives are consumed with the gaining and the holding of wealth. Some know how to do it, others don’t. Some want to be wealthy due to hard work; others look to the lottery or to theft; others know they want to be wealthy and are just hoping it falls in their laps some way, sometime. Monetary wealth is not the only goal, however. Coupled with that is the desire to feel secure, even powerful. It is believed that the wealth in the wallet brings wealth to the heart and mind – the soul. That is the human perspective and it drives the human agenda.

Another is personal righteousness; you might say rightness. The Pharisees had this. Many never believe that they are less than adequate spiritually – and that’s on their worst day. Most of the time we find enough people who are less ethical, less moral, less driven by conscience, that we are able to compare ourselves right into the belief that we must look good in God’s sight.

The Jesus Perspective is dramatically different. Jesus said that happiness (blessedness) will not come those who think they are spiritually or monetarily wealthy, but to the poor in spirit. To be poor in spirit is to, in humility, recognize spiritual poverty. The truth is that all of us are bankrupt spiritually because of sin. True happiness belongs to those who recognize that truth and are willing to admit it.

That’s Life at Work!


James said...

Thank you for this post. Humility is something we need to work on everyday.


As to current events:
We need to do whatever we are able to do to help those who are suffering through the aftermath of the hurricane.

I have a few links to Christian relief organizations on my website to help focus our efforts. A great many of our brothers and sisters in Christ need our help as well as everyone else who has been impacted by this tragedy.

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James said...

Sorry, the link somehow got altered.

The address posted is correct though