Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How Have You Reacted?

How Have You Reacted?

How could it be that people could know about a tomb-now-empty, yet remain the same?  A resurrection from the dead is a powerful claim.  You don’t just hear a story about someone coming back from the grave and dismiss it like someone told you the score between two teams that you care nothing about.  Overcoming death is too big of an event for apathy.

How have you reacted to the news?  Paul said that the resurrection of Jesus is my reason to put faith in Jesus, it is the proof of eternal life for me now, and the proof of a bodily resurrection for me later.  The resurrection is the reason I recognize Jesus as Lord and the reason that I can bear fruit to God in my life.

The South Yukon Church will assembly this Sunday morning to eat the Lord’s supper, like we do every Sunday, because Jesus rose on Sunday.  Scripture calls Sunday the Lord’s Day.  Two thousand years later, we still call it the Lord’s Day.  One who can come out of his own grave, by his own power, can declare his resurrection day as his own.

He wants to claim you as his own, too.  He has the right, but he wants you to choose him!  That’s Life at Work!

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