Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who Is Bringing Temptation

A twelve year-old boy from Alaska died after “voluntarily inhaling gas for nearly twenty minutes” this week, according to the AP. Adults should know that a popular activity in some circles called “huffing” is the inhalation of chemical vapors in order to get high.”

A year ago my wife and I were riding in a car with some friends and their eight year-old grandson. The grandson was talking about a babysitter. He described something she had done that normal baby-sitters do, and then he added, “She’s a cutter.” Cutters abuse themselves with sharp objects.

My guess is that many of you have heard about huffing and have never attempted it. Many of you may have heard about cutting and have never attempted it. Maybe you have even spoken to your children about these activities, warning them sternly. Good for you!

I am very concerned that the children in these stories are so young, yet they have been exposed to dangerous behaviors that a few years ago were exclusive to older kids. The Bible teaches that temptations will come, but harsh judgment is due to those through whom temptations come (Matt 18:7). Who is bringing temptation, including unhealthy knowledge about these kinds of things into your home? Give the time, attention, and instruction to your kids that they need. That’s Life at Work!

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Stephanie said...

Richard, I will be 36 on Monday the 31st. At this time in my life my father will not sit and watch a Rated R movie if I am in the room. He considers it "inappropriate."

Joshua has friends who are 10 and 11 years old watching any movie they want without restrictions. They play any game they want without restrictions. They have no bed times, no set supper time, nothing to count on and nothing to hang on to.

When these boys are given the chance to have slumber parties they always choose Joshua's house. At our house there are no R rated movies, no M or T games, no MTV, no one gets to stay up all night, and we have a set supper time with a square meal.

I am amazed every time they choose to have their slumber party at our house. I think Joshua is often surprised that they want to come to his house and I have heard him ask, "Dude, why?"

Temptation lies in every thing we see and hear and touch, but could temptation lie in what we don't provide our children?