Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anything Better than Jesus?

Is there anything better than Jesus? Can any gift better than eternal life be offered by anybody? Maybe when these questions are asked point blank the answers are quickly shouted, "No!" But often the questions are not that pointed and the answer is one made not with the mouth, but with actions. It seems that for many the answer to both questions is "Yes."

Some are continuing in immoral sexual behavior. You know that your actions are not pleasing to God, yet you won't repent. With your actions you are saying, "This relationship is better than a relationship with Jesus."

Some are so enamored by money that you'll do nearly anything to have more. You're unethical, if not a thief; you're a gambler with your families resources; or maybe just plain covetous or stingy. What you say by your actions is, "The blessings of my possessions are greater to me than the gift from God."

There is surely some "cross bearing" for the Christian in this life, but we consider it all joy to suffer here, to do without here, to resist pleasures of the flesh here, if it means heaven later. Every day Jesus says, "Will you pick up your cross!" (Luke 9:23) Everyday we answer "yes" or "no" by the choices we make from the heart. That’s Life at Work?

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