Friday, December 21, 2007

Did the Inn Keeper Ever Know?

I wonder if the inn keeper ever knew who was in his stable. He was probably too busy to notice the commotion that came with the arrival of the shepherds. Besides that, they were shepherds – whose going to take notice on a busy night of shepherds in a stable?

Many of us don’t even take time to read something like this at a time when we can digest it. You may be reading this during a bible class or during the song service, communion, or sermon. Reading it that way, might cause us to miss something significant – after all great things happen in bible class and during our assemblies. Reading it while other in setting where concentration is low might cause you to miss something significant in this article.

“Nothing important is happening right now.” Oh, really? I wonder if the inn keeper ever had a break in the census rush, and thought “Nothing important is happening right now.” We don’t know about the important things, big and small; but we are entangled with the everyday, mundane events.

The Son of God was in the womb of Mary, and Mary’s husband Joseph was knocking on this inn keeper’s door. Nothing in the stories of the birth of Jesus give any indication that Mary and Joseph told anyone the Holy Spirit story to try to get some room in the inn. Yet, don’t you know, that if the inn keeper had just taken a moment to look up from his ledge, he would have seen what the shepherds saw; and he would have done what the shepherds did.

The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen… (Luke 2:20).

The Son of God was born in his stable, and we don’t even know his name. I wonder if he ever knew the name of Jesus.

Don’t let the everyday things keep you from seeing or hearing or reading something that is out of the ordinary and out-of-this-world important! That’s Life at Work!

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