Thursday, February 05, 2009

Review of a Review of Dad's Lecture at FHU

Having listened to one my Dad's lectures at the 2009 FHU lectureship, John Mark Hicks had some great things to say about my dad on his blog. Thanks for that John Mark. You can read a brief history of John Mark's time at Magnolia Bible College in that post. I was a student at MBC during his time there and his classes were some of my favorites.

Lots of people say that they did not hear much about grace from the preachers of their youth. I did. I don't recall many of the sermons that Dad preached, though a few of his best from gospel meetings are still familiar; but somewhere along I learned two important truths about grace: God has plenty for me and I should have plenty for others. His lessons and his life wrote that law in my mind and on my heart. That's Life at Work!


Clyde said...

Your dad is a great man. I always enjoyed hearing him at IBC and FHU back in the day.

I grew accustomed to reading his articles and gettings his tapes and trusting that anytime he had studied something and written/spoken on it, it would be something that came from good thinking and good study. That comfort level that a person inspires in his readers and listeners is a testament to the competence, integrity, and spirituality of your dad.

Jim Martin said...

Richard-- I have the greatest respect for your Dad. He was very formative in my early years in ministry. I will always appreciate his work, his diligence, and his spirit.