Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Crazy People and a Faithful God

The two opposing commanders sat on opposite sides of the pool discussing the fight in which they were about to engage. They decided that each would choose twelve men and let them fight it out first. Twenty-four fighting men were chosen, and the account says that they grabbed each other's hair, drew their daggers, and stabbed their opponent in the torso. All twenty-four died right there, in the same way.

There is purpose behind telling stories like that. The first five chapters of 2 Samuel contain a number of crazy stories; crazy because they are about people and we act boneheadedly pretty often. Despite the craziness and inconsistency of people, though, God worked out his plan to place David, his choice for king, on the throne.

That's important because God had also promised that many years after David, one of David's descendants would reign. God had to work through many more whacked out human decisions to bring Jesus to his throne, too. But he's had lots of practice and he gets the job done! He is faithful to bring about what he has declared; including eternal life for the faithful. That's Life at Work!

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