Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Crown at His Feet

Interested in the perspective of a queen? Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603) thought about her own death and the return of Christ and said, "I wish I could be alive when Christ returns because I would like to be the first earthly monarch to take my crown and lay it at his feet."

Elizabeth I never married. Some suggest that one of the reasons was that she would have relinquished royal power if she had a husband next to her; and she didn't want that. If that's true, it wasn't any man, or any love, that could compel her to relinquish her power. Christ alone compelled her.

Jesus has been given the name that is above every name that at his name every knee should bow. Our dream of humbly bowing to his feet when he returns reflects our heart of humility before him while we are waiting for the return. Give him your crown, your attention, your heart, and your love now. Then when you bow before him at his return, both of you will be smiling. That's Life at Work!

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