Thursday, September 18, 2003

Interest and Proximity

When a storm like Isabel approaches, everybody pays some kind of attention; but the people who pay the closest attention are those who are in the path of the hurricane. When tornadoes are flying around the OKC area, people on the coast may pay attention, but we are glued to our radios and televisions. One of the rules of human nature is: “Interest is directly proportional to proximity.” The closer we are to an event, the more interest or concern we have in it.
When your spouse tells you that if you continue to drink, you will wreck your relationship with him or her; and you do not make the effort to quit drinking, you are revealing a lot about your feelings about your family. When you read in the Bible that something you are doing is contrary to what God wants for you, and you do not change your mind about doing it; you are demonstrating that your relationship to God is not something that is close to you.
Your closeness to your family and your God is seen in the interest you show in the issues that impact them. Examine yourself. Ask yourself the serious questions. Is alcohol more important than your family? Is your sin more important than your relationship with God? See if your heart is where it ought to be. That’s Life at Work!

Richard May

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