Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Life at Work

Ever seen the geyser “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone National Park? I haven’t yet, but I will. We will join the millions who have visited the site fully expecting to see the eruption, and we leave without being disappointed. Author Wallace Fridy wrote about the dependability of Old Faithful and how we can learn from it:

“Old Faithful” is not the largest geyser, nor does it reach the greatest height. Nevertheless, it by far the most popular geyser. Its popularity is due mainly to its regularity and dependability. You can count on Old Faithful. Nothing in life can take the place of faithfulness and dependability. It is one of the greatest virtues. Brilliance, genius, competence – are all subservient to the quality of faithfulness.”

Paul wrote about our reliable God, reliable words, teaching reliable men, and rearing reliable children. We are called to be faithful, dependable, and reliable. You will grow, your family will thrive, and you will bring glory to God in wonderful ways as you develop this virtue. You may not attract millions of visitors, but you will have a following. Lead them to faithfulness. That’s Life at Work!

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