Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Marriage Week Communication

A man was watching the news with his wife when a story was reported about a politician who was discovered in scandal. The story included a picture of the politician standing next to his wife who was especially pretty.

The man watching the news said out loud, “It’s not fair. The biggest jerks have the best looking wives!

His wife calmly replied: “Thank you, dear.”

The story above ought to remind us of a few things about communication in marriage, and in other relationships for that matter: First, sometimes, like the man who made the foot-in-my-mouth comment about jerks and beautiful women, we say things without thinking that hurt. Some of us speak unencumbered by the thought process. Be careful about what you say.

Second, sometimes when we’ve been hurt by words we forget the Proverb, “A soft answer turns away wrath.” When your spouse says something that hurts your feelings, don’t respond with the “eye for an eye” response that comes so naturally. You can express hurt with hurting back.

Finally, see the humor in things, and when your spouse jokes in the midst of tension, laugh at it. Laughter breaks the tension, lightens the moment, signals a desire for reconciliation, and heals. Receive the signal and laugh.

Maybe you are aware that February 7-14 is Marriage Week. It shouldn’t be surprising that Valentine’s Day occurs in Marriage Week! Don’t forget to express your love in a special way to your spouse on February 14.

That’s Life at Work!

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