Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Deliver Us or Deliver Myself

Sam Gardner, the preacher for the local Quaker group in the town called Harmony, had mistakenly unplugged a refrigerator in the church building causing a ton of noodles to be ruined. The noodles were homemade by the women’s group and were going to be sold in a major annual project. Sam did everything he could short of lying to keep the truth from being revealed. Before the ordeal was over, though, and in a moment of reflection about the sign on his desk that read “Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From All Evil” he prayed this prayer: “Yes, Lord, teach us this lesson. For sometimes we are too tricky for our own good. Help us to depend on you and not on our own cleverness” (Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony, p 122).

Is there something that you are working hard to keep covered up? Do you pray the prayer, “Deliver us from evil,” but trust more in your own trickery to deliver instead of trusting in God?

Isn’t it time to drop your defenses, admit the truth, and let the truth set you free? That’s Life at Work!

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