Monday, February 22, 2010

UBU - Any Rapper Writers from Churches of Christ?

I doubt that all preachers from Churches of Christ are immune from the temptation to imitate a favorite preacher? Watch this video from Ed Young and then write a lyric or two about us. Be cool about it. This could be fun.


Kevin Rayner @ Highland Church of Christ said...

I love that. It is all to real.

Uncommon Sense said...

Yeah, we might as well start imitating the world, huh? Maybe we could serve communion in Budweiser glasses. Never does God say, "U B U." God wants a change of heart; He calls us out of the world. By posting this, it appears that you would like us to remain what we are - no repentance needed. It appears you are supportive of these "pastors". Would you preach a sermon like this guy if you had the talent?

dagwud said...

Actually, I don't think that Young was talking about staying who you are in regarding to repentance, but using your gifts. Though Paul didn't say "UBU" he did say that one member shouldn't think his work isn't important because he doesn't have the giftedness of somebody else. That's the UBU message, so it is biblical. As much as I like the preaching style of an Allen, North, Norton, Harris, etc., I need to preach like God has gifted Richard to preach, regardless of whether my talent measures up to someone else.