Friday, September 22, 2006

We Believe Jesus is Coming Back

We believe that Jesus is coming again, at a time unknown, to judge the world according to the Word.

When the Terminator said, “I’ll be back,” he was threatening, though the threat was veiled. A few minutes later, he drove a vehicle through the doors of the building he had left moments earlier. In Independence Day, former Air Force pilot Russel Casse flew his plane into the belly of the Mother Ship of the aliens whom he said had kidnapped him years before. As he flew in to their destruction and his own, he said, “Hello, boys. I’m back!”

As the disciples stood gazing into heaven trying to catch one more glimpse of the ascending Jesus, two men dressed in white affirmed just as they had seen him go, he would come back. To some, the return of Jesus may be threatening. For some, the return of Jesus will be a complete surprise and his return will involve destruction. But for the apostles, and for us, the return of Jesus is the most glorious event we will ever witness. For us the return of Jesus is about resurrection, immortality, worship, and salvation.

One of these days
I'm gonna see the hands that took the nails for me
One of these days
I'm gonna hold the keys to the mansion built for me
One of these days
I'm gonna walk the streets of gold that were paved for me
One of these days
I'm gonna see my Savior face to face
One of these days

(FFH, “One of these Days”)

He is coming. Don’t allow the delay to cause you to doubt. There are good reasons for waiting (2 Peter 3:3-10). The time of his return is unknown, be ready today and tomorrow. The purpose of his coming is not to bear sin, like his earlier coming. This time he is coming to bring salvation to those waiting for him (Heb 9:28). If you want to be ready, you’ve got to know his word. His word, he proclaimed, will be the standard of judgment when he returns (John 12:47-50).

Come, Lord Jesus. That’s Life at Work!

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