Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Comprehensive Marriage Ministry

In the last two weeks, we've heard the heartrending news of three marriages in families involved in full-time ministry that have ended in divorce. God's heart must be broken! It grieves him to see us go through such pain. The likelihood is that recently you have mourned over wrecked marriages; perhaps the mourning has been for your own marriage. Tragically, often help is sought too late; but the answer to the high divorce rate is not simply better or more timely crisis management. The answer is much more complicated, yet when the solution is in place the impact is incredible and hope abounds!

Churches must develop comprehensive marriage ministries. What does that mean? Churches need to address the significant themes of marriage with adolescents (beginning in Jr. High if not before) and pre-engaged and engaged couples in addition to couples already married. Churches that offer a number of marriage enrichment opportunities including classes, seminars, special studies, retreats, mentoring and coaching, along with easy access to crisis intervention are going to experience greater success in serving families in the church and the community. Comprehensive marriage ministry is critical for growing married Christians to spiritual maturity and reaching out to communities world-over.

JeannaLynn and I are committed to helping our church develop such a program. Because of our own personal struggles, we have a common passion for helping churches help couples; and helping couples move from wherever they are now to a greater marriage. For us, that's Life at Work!

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