Tuesday, April 08, 2008


According to Consumer Reports, last year over $900 million on gift cards went unused. It's terribly sad when something of great value goes is unused. You might even say it's looney! Whether it is funds that could be used for God's glory, an ability or talent, a week, an opportunity to forgive, an hour to spend with a child, a word of admiration for a husband, an act of loving service for a wife, or a vote for something good and righteous – use what ought to be used to the glory of God.

"So the temple was once again used for worshipping the Lord" (2 Chronicles 29:35). That was such a wonderful time for the people of God. The doors of the temple had been closed for a while because of the wicked kings of Judah who followed the unbelieving nations into trusting images made of stone and wood instead of the living God! In his first month, though, Hezekiah opened the doors of the temple and ordered that it be cleaned up and purified. He acted quickly and so did the Lord. God helped them get the temple ready in record time; and they used it for its intended purpose!

Be Hezekiah in your own life. Recognize the tragedy of a wasted temple, or whatever is unused in your life, and get busy cleaning it up for good use. God will see what you are doing and he'll speed up the process because he loves to see people using what they have in meaningful ways! That's Life at Work!

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