Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When It’s On the Line

"When everything else is on the line, you better be there, too." (Deacon Jones)

There are times when you have to be there! Imagine Joshua stepping back instead of sounding the "as for me and my house" charge (Joshua 24:15). Imagine Esther deciding that going before the king was just too risky (Esther 4:6-17). What if David had stayed in back with his brothers (1 Samuel 17)? What if Moses ignored God's report of the cries because his previous attempt to rescue had failed miserably?

Your marriage is at a crucial point, your kids are facing serious difficulties, or the time has arrived to announce the final decision and you know that though it is right, it is not popular. You've been convicted of your sin, and you have the opportunity to make it right with God and the people you love. Those around you are walking in sin and straight for disaster; no one else is going to step up to stop them! These are some of those times when you have to there!

Get on the line! Today is the day of your salvation! Say like Nehemiah, "Should a man (or woman) like me run away? Or should one like me go into the temple to save his life? I will not go!" (Nehemiah 6:11-12). He was right to stay out of hiding!

"Be strong and courageous," were the words for Joshua. Don't ignore the tough times as if nothing is really happening as long as you don't look. Your presence is needed today! That's Life at Work!

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