Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This Is Huge

I'm beginning a series of sermons called "This Is Huge." What are the most significant temptations and struggles for various age groups and life settings. Let me know!


lesjr said...

I think the pull of pornography is huge and I think the Christian men who struggle with this insidious sin is larger than huge. Worse, I think this "sin in the camp" is killing leaderships and marriages and potential in churches great and small.

My second huge is the desire to have things our own way--and it destroys churches when we let it--
If you don't follow me on this second one, give me a call--the last time we talked--I did the calling!

Love ya buddy
Les, Jr

dagwud said...

Thanks, Les. I've used a couple of venues to get input about this. Pornography has been, to this point, the huge struggle for men.

I'm bigging this series this Sunday with a passage that reveals huge things as God sees them - Proverbs 7 deadlies. Selfishness in several contexts will be involved there.

Thanks for being number one here: that was huge!