Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Mom’s a Mom

You might have brought your baby home from the hospital having delivered her yourself. She has your eyes, your husband's hair (or lack thereof), your sister's dimples, and your dad's feet. One thing is for sure - she has all your love, and you have all of hers. Because a mom's a mom.

You might have watched from behind a window when he was carried by a nurse from the birthing room to the nursery. You might have known that the baby that just went by would be at your home before long. You've been good to the birth mom who just couldn't take care of the child in her womb. You'll always know what she looked like because you'll see her in the baby you've adopted as your own. His features don't look like anybody in your family, but one thing is for sure, he has all your love. You have all of his, too. Because a mom's a mom.

Maybe the kids you care so much about came to your home knowing who their birth mom was and knowing they couldn't live with her anymore. You adopted them after personalities developed, after they had to consider whether they were loved, and after they could be held and rocked comfortably. You've struggle, you've taught, you've hugged, and you've spent yourself on them. One thing is for sure, they have all your love. And you have all of theirs, because a mom's a mom.

You were going to be their grandparent, but your role has changed. There's a huge age difference, and you find it hard to keep up most days. You've stepped up to the challenge, though. You take him to school and pick him up. You go to his soccer games and sit with the soccer moms smiling as he falls all over the field. You weren't planning on this. There were days when you thought you couldn't do it, and wished you didn't have to. But now, one thing is for sure. He has all your love, and you have his. Because a mom's a mom.

She's lived in your house for six months. You have no clue how long she is going to stay. DHS could come tomorrow to take her from you. You've held her as she cried. You've comforted her when she's been scared. You've done all you can to heal her heart. You've modeled a good home. You've hugged her and kissed her. You've told her things she should have been told all her life, but that she's never heard before. You don't know if the phone call will signal the end of your time with her, but one thing is for sure. She's got all your love, and you've got hers. Because a mom's a mom.

God bless you Moms. All of you.

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