Friday, May 02, 2008

This Is Huge - Pornography

This is huge! Pornography is destroying men (mostly), their marriages, and their families. According to the website Oklahoma City ranks 10th, 3rd, and 7th in the nation regarding the number of internet searches for “porn,” “xxx,” and “sex” respectively.

According to their numbers, which match other numbers I’ve seen, 90% of kids eight to sixteen years old have been exposed to pornography on the internet. The average age for seeing the first pornographic image is eleven.

But this isn’t an adolescent problem or teenage phase. The largest consumer group of pornography is men between 35 and 49 years old. It’s not just a problem for unbelievers, either. According to Proven Men (, 60% of Christian men have sought out some form of pornography. Ninety percent of men raised in Christian homes were introduced to some form of pornography before adulthood. Do you keep your home computer screen where it can always be seen from a hallway or another room? Seventy percent internet porn is viewed during business hours.

The attraction to pornography does not stay small, if it can even begin that way. What a man views today that excites him, will not have the same effect after consistent exposure. The need for more; and the need for more explicit, more hardcore images, grows. Men will waste hours, hours that should have been spent working or with wives or their children, to see naked pixels.
Men will sale their souls to see videos of ungodly people dishonoring the sexual union that God designed to be honored, not exploited. Some prison ministries report that 100% of sex offenders frequently viewed pornography. I’ll guarantee you that nearly every man convicted of molestation said at one time at the report of some other sex offender, “I’ll never do that.” I’ll guarantee you, further, that nearly 100% of those who end up as sex offenders were led to the point where they would do that by pornography.

Stop it! Now! Pornography will kill your soul and the innocent victims along the way will be your spouse and your children. What do we need to know and what can we do about pornography, its grip on our culture, its destructive force, and methods to defeat its influence on your life and family?We must! That’s Life at Work!

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